The Dream Home Database supplementary material.

From the Connolly & Begg textbook:

Dream Home Demo Database
A fully functioning Microsoft Access 97 database application based on the schema and business requirements for Dream Home Real Estate described in the textbook.

DreamHomeDemo.MDB (866K)
DreamHomeDemo.MDE (978K)

DreamHomeDemo.MDE can be made available to students when it is desirable that they access and use the database, but be unable to view the design of forms and reports.

Background Documents
Dream Home Requirements.doc : The transaction requirements for the Dream Home Real Estate company, adapted from those listed in the textbook. The advertising requirements are not included.

Dream Home Data Dictionary.doc : The complete schema documentation for the Dream Home database, adapted from that listed in the textbook. 

Dream Home Application Overview.doc : An illustrated overview of the Dream Home Demo database application, listing all forms and reports used.

Descriptions of database components
A set of documents describing each form and report used in the Dream Home Demo database application. Each description document provides an illustration, description, and lists of the component tables, queries, macros etc used in the item. 

Each database item description is a single document, named (e.g.) frmBranchAdd Description.doc. The entire set of documents can be accessed via the master document All Descriptions.

Instructions for database components
A set of documents giving step-by-step instructions for creating some of the forms and reports used in the Dream Home Demo database application. The instructions for individual items are in separate documents, named (e.g.) frmBranchAdd Instructions.doc. The entire set of documents can be accessed via the master document All Instructions.

Instructions are available for the following forms and reports:


Practical Exercises
A set of four database practicals based on the Dream Home Database application. These practicals assume the student is already familiar with relational database principles and SQL, and has already completed an introductory practical on the fundamentals of working with Microsoft Access 97. The practicals can be completed independently of one another, or used to form a sequence that is built on from week to week. 

The practicals are:

Practical 1 database  and Data Entry and Edit.doc
Practical 2 database  and  Reporting.doc
Practical 3 database  and  Searching, Sorting, Filtering.doc
Practical 4 database  and  Thinking about Time.doc