Last modified January 30th, 2005

KAW mailing list

General information

Welcome to the KAW mailing list. This list was originally established for information exchange between people participating and/or interested in the knowledge acquisition workshops. These days, the list has acquired a wider audience and it is now intended as a general forum for reseachers interested in knowledge acquisition, knowledge modelling, knowledge management, ontologies, semantic web and so forth.

This list is a moderated, low traffic mailing list. It is mainly used for announcements and calls for papers. Because of the large number of recipients and its moderated nature, the list is not well-suited for discussions.

Rules of the game

In order to minimise overhead, please keep the following conventions in mind when sending messages to the list.

How the list is moderated

The KAW list is moderated. This means that each message is viewed by a human before being forwarded to the list. Here are some rules used to decide whether a contribution is forwarded or rejected.

List management

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