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Overview of the research projects in which the department is involved (in alphabetic order).  
  Projects at the HCS Lab
Completed projects
European Collaborative networked Organisations LEADership initiative, ECOLEAD, aims to create strong foundations and mechanisms needed to establish the most advanced collaborative and network-based industry society in Europe

Knowledge Articulation and Communication Tools (for reasoning about system behaviour)
HOPS is a three-year project focused on the deployment of advanced ICT "voice-enabled front-end public platforms" in Europe permitting access for European citizens to their nearest Public Administration.

Interactive Collaborative Information Systems
A European network on Knowledge Discovery and Ubiquitous Computing

Knowledge management: from smart employees to smart organisations

Network of Excellence in Model-Based Systems and Qualitative Reasoning
MultimediaN E-Culture
The objective of this project is the development of a set of e-culture demonstrators providing multimedia access to distributed collections of cultural heritage objects.
Winner of the 2006 Semantic Web Challenge

NaturNet-Redime will develop educational programmes towards implementing the European Union's Strategy for Sustainable Development (SSD). UvA/HCS participates in the Redime part of the project which concerns learning through modelling and simulation, using Qualitative Reasoning technology (visit the QRM portal for details).

The Poseidon project: System Evolvability and Reliability of Systems of Systems

SiteGuide: Adaptive Generation of Workflow Models for Human-Computer Interaction.
In the SiteGuide project we develop methods to help owners of web sites to improve their sites. We provide feedback on sites based on 1) the comparison between the sites and similar sites and 2) usage data.

SWI-Prolog and XPCE
Comprehensive and portable Edinburgh/ISO Prolog compiler, widely used in education and research. Targets at scalability, portable GUI, productive program development and integration/embedding in larger environments. Comes with many interfaces and libraries.

Task-Adaptive Information Distribution.
Triple20 is a browser and editor for the Semantic Web languages RDF/RDFS/OWL implemented on top of the SWI-Prolog RDF infrastructure.
VL-e: Adaptive Information Disclosure
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